Understanding Your HP 302 – 301 – 901 Ink Cartridges

Note: Common alerts like “Empty”, “Low Ink”, “Out of Ink”, “? Marks”, “Counterfeit”, and “Non-Genuine Cartridge” are completely standard for all refilled HP 302, 302XL black and colour ink cartridges. Don’t worry, even with these alerts, your printing can continue smoothly.

Three Types of Messages You Might See:

  1. Information Alerts: When you install a refilled cartridge, it’s normal to see alerts like ‘non-genuine cartridge’ or ‘used colour/black cartridge’. No worries, you can easily dismiss these by clicking ‘Dismiss’, ‘Ok’, or ‘Continue’.
  2. Nuisance Messages: After detecting a refilled cartridge, your printer might show alerts such as ‘low on ink’, ‘counterfeit’, ‘used’, ‘fraud’, ‘refilled’, or ‘depleted’ cartridge. Like the Information Alerts, these can be bypassed by clicking ‘Dismiss’, ‘Ok’, or ‘Continue’.

Note: If a message like “Non-HP Cartridge(s)” persists and can’t be bypassed, the cartridge may have internal electrical issues. In such a case, try removing the cartridge, cleaning the cartridge’s electrical contacts, and the printer’s flex cable contacts (refer to Printer Maintenance). If this doesn’t solve the issue, consider replacing the cartridge.

  1. Severe Errors: If your cartridge has poor connectivity or internal electrical problems, you might see error messages like ‘incompatible cartridges’, ‘print cartridges error’, ‘cartridge missing or not detected’, etc. Usually, removing and cleaning the ink cartridges and the printer’s flex cable contacts can resolve these issues. If not, consider running the cartridge health diagnostics (‘tap 41′) check or a cartridge error bypass, if available on your printer model.

Issues Leading to Cartridge Failures:

  • Severe cartridge errors are typically caused by an electrical breakdown at the cartridge’s nozzle plate. Ink penetration or corrosion can lead to failure, causing a variety of error messages.
  • The electrical health of the cartridge can be verified by running the ‘Tap 41′ diagnostics at the printer’s control panel. Note: this feature may not be available on all printer models.

Nuisance Alert Messages by HP:

Post the installation of a refilled ink cartridge, your printer may display nuisance messages following the initial ‘low ink’ or ‘non-genuine’ alerts. Please note that HP 302 & 302XL ink cartridges are similar to HP 301 and 301XL ink cartridges and might show similar messages.

So remember, next time you see these alerts, don’t panic! They’re just a part of your printer’s language. Keep printing and keep creating!

Navigating Your Ink Cartridge Maintenance

Keeping Your Ink Cartridges Clean

Remember, the lifespan of your cartridges can be extended with a bit of regular maintenance. Here’s how:

  1. Ink Cartridge Cleaning: Carefully remove your ink cartridge from the printer. Using a clean, lint-free cloth, gently wipe the electrical contacts on the cartridge.
  2. Printer Service Station Cleaning: In a similar fashion, clean the printer’s flex cable contacts. Regular cleaning can prevent connectivity issues and ensure your printer recognises refilled cartridges easily.

Do note, this maintenance procedure is highly recommended, especially when dealing with persistent error messages.

HP Ink Cartridge Diagnostic

The ‘Tap 41’ diagnostic tool, if available on your printer model, is an effective way of checking your cartridge’s electrical health. This test allows you to identify and troubleshoot issues that might otherwise lead to persistent error messages or subpar printing quality.

Important: Do take note that not all printer models support the ‘Tap 41’ diagnostic check.

More About HP Nuisance Alert Messages

Do you see nuisance alerts after installing your refilled ink cartridge? Fret not. Once you understand what these messages mean, you can easily dismiss them and carry on with your printing. Typically, you’ll see these alerts after the initial ‘low ink’ or ‘non-genuine’ messages. However, they are harmless and shouldn’t disrupt your printing process.

Do keep in mind, HP 302 & 302XL ink cartridges work similarly to HP 301 and 301XL ink cartridges, and so, they tend to display similar messages.

Remember, at the heart of it all, your printer is just trying to communicate with you. These messages and alerts are its way of keeping you informed about its ink cartridge status. So, with a little patience and understanding, you can easily make your way around these messages and keep your printing tasks running smoothly. Here’s to seamless, hassle-free printing!

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